Frequently Asked Questions

We will continue to answer the common questions that we get asked. We are firm believers that there is no such thing as a “bad question”, and if we can put the most popular questions (and answers!) here, it will help the entire Duecoin community!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy (and sell) Duecoin?

The presale is complete and we are not selling any more directly. We are very close to having DUEC on some of the world’s most popular exchanges, and publicly available to buy and sell. That will be the only way going forward to buy DUEC. Stay tuned!

How can I mine DUEC?

There are several common mining softwares for Windows, and Mac. You can use many of them (really any that are capable of mining BTC). Our favorite is GUI MINER

Once you have the mining software, you simply need the settings here to mine using our pool.

You can also find several 3rd party mining pools on popular crypto sites recruiting miners like for instance on our ANN Thread at

Where can I find faucet information on DUEC?

Details can be found here:

Where can I get the latest wallets for DUEC?

We publish all wallet downloads on our GitHub repository, and all are publicly available.

Does DUEC offer a web-based wallet?

At this time – no … web-based wallets are not nearly as secure as locally stored wallet. So, in fact, we originally didn’t have any plans to support web-based wallet. However, we have received feedback that some supporters would like to have the option to hold DUEC in a web-based wallet. So, we will be pursuing this in the near future. Stay tuned!

What steps can I take to make sure that I don’t lose access to my Duecoins and wallet?

The Duecoin wallet has a built-in feature to back it up. In order to use this feature, you need to create 2 files and save them on an external location (Ex. USB or External Hardrive), for this, go to the upper left corner of the wallet, and click on File> Backup Wallet to create the 1st backup file (*.dat) and to File> Dump Wallet to create the 2nd backup file (*.txt) You can name both files the same way because their extension will be different. (Ex. Duecoin Backup Dic 05 2017)

Always remember to make backup copies after any transaction with the Duecoin wallet in order to recover the wallet and the investment in case of misfortune. If you do not make the backup copies and something would happen with the wallet or the device it is in, it would be like losing physical money and there would be no way to recover it.

If you ever need to recover your wallet (on any computer) simply download the latest version of the wallet from our GitHub repository and go to File>Import Wallet and import the latest saved *.txt file from your backup.

What does Stake means?

One of the benefits of holding DUEC in your balance is that the DUEC network will award you commissions (FREE Duecoins) that arise out of the fees per transaction DUEC user pay, (even though the fees paid per transaction are very small), this is a way to reward users that believe in the coin and hold it, contributing to its success as opposed to those who are just in, to trade any cryptos for short term profits. (Who can beat FREE coins, right?)

These transactions will be symbolized in the history of your wallet with the icon of the 2 crossed hammers.

Why I see “out of Sync” in red, in the Overview of my wallet every time I open it?

Since the DUEC wallet is located in your computer, it needs to synchronize with the DUEC network every time you open it in order to update the blockchain history. Even if you haven’t open your DUEC wallet in a couple of weeks, it would only take a couple of minutes to finish syncing at which point the “out of Sync” notification will disappear.

It the syncronization gets stuck (ex. Block 14000) it means that you have an outdated version of the wallet software. Backup your wallet as instructed above and then download a new version of the wallet from and install it.

Any transaction that has taken place in any of the blocks that are being updated will reflect on the balance of the wallet once said block has finished updating.

You can check the progress of the update by placing the arrow of your mouse on the lower right corner of the wallet, on top of the 2 circular spinning arrows.

My antivirus deleted the *.exe file and I cannot open my wallet, what should I do?

1st. DON’T PANIC! And DO NOT FORMAT YOUR HARD DRIVE (or drive where the wallet is installed) if you already did, you can only recover your wallet with the backup files as explained above where we explain how to backup your wallet.
The inherit technology in offline wallets sometimes unsettles some antiviruses that, as a result, will mistakenly treat the *.exe file as potentially unsafe, and quarantine or delete such file.
In general, it is recommended to keep all the DUEC wallet files into a designated folder chosen for this purpose (Ex. create New Folder and name it “Duecoin Wallet files” and have the extracted file in this folder)

2nd. To fix this issue there are a number of steps you can follow depending on which antivirus you have. Before you start, simply disable the antivirus for a few minutes while you whitelist the *.exe file (for Windows Duecoin-qt.exe, for MAC DueCoin-Qt-OSX-v110.dmg) in the list of exclusions.


A. For antiviruses that quarantine the file, after adding it to the list of exclusions or exceptions, simply un-quarantine the file by marking it as safe on the Antivirus; this is usually the case with Norton and Avira for example.
B. If, instead, your antivirus deleted the executable file, (which could be the case with Windows Defender); after disabling the antivirus:

  • B1. Extract Duecoin-qt.exe again from the compressed file into the original location from which it was deleted (or move it there after extracting it)
    if you don’t have it anymore you can re-download the wallet from here
  • B2. Follow these steps:
    Open Windows Defender Security Center, and then select Virus & threat protection > Virus & threat protection settings > Add or remove exclusions.
    Under Add an exclusion, select the Duecoin-qt.exe and add it as an exclusion file and as a process, and also add the entire folder of the Duecoin wallet files as a folders exclusion. The exclusion will apply to subfolders within a folder as well.

C. Enable your antivirus and you are done, double click the executable file and the wallet will open.

How do I restore my wallet from a .dat file if I did not make a .txt file?

Find the directory where your wallet files are stored on your computer. You will need to replace the current wallet.dat with the backed up one you made that has your coins in it by following these steps:

  • 1. Find the wallet.dat file in the folder where your wallet files are.
  • 2. Rename the current wallet.dat to walletOLD.dat
  • 3. Copy the newly named walletOLD.dat to a drive where you keep backed up files.
  • 4. Rename your backed up .dat file as wallet.dat
  • 5. Copy your new wallet.dat file into the directory where your wallet files are located.
  • 6. Don’t delete the old renamed wallet.dat (now walletOLD.dat) file until you are sure you have the right one is functioning as it should.
  • 7. Open your wallet to see if it syncs and your coins are restored as they should be.

You can see a thread regarding this subject at