Long Update – December 26, 2017

Dear Duecoin Supporters,

The entire DUEC team would like to wish you happy holidays this festive season and we look forward to providing you and indeed the entire crypto community a wealth-filled DUEC holiday! In 2018 the core DUEC project will be rolled out. We greatly look forward to providing a stable block chain controlled and directed IPO to ICO market place. This project is one we have been passionate about for the past year and are very excited that it is becoming a reality.

As you have seen, the crypto market as a whole has been sky-rocketing, with Bitcoin and a handful of other staple coins leading the way. But this is only the beginning, and even though the Crypto market cap recently eclipsed $300 Billion, it is still becoming more and more evident that the trend is only getting started. (Data from CoinMarketCap.com shows that the market capitalization for all cryptocurrencies is currently at roughly $300.5 billion. Of that amount, bitcoin’s market cap represents the lion’s share, accounting for about $158 billion.)

The push above $300 billion also showcases the pace at which the market has grown in recent weeks. On Nov. 3rd, the overall market capitalization rose above $200 billion for the first time. By contrast, the market crossed the $100 billion level back in June. In other words, the third $100 billion was crossed in about one month as opposed to the second which took five months. Other cryptocurrency market developments contributed to today’s market capitalization milestone, additional data reveals. Now, more than ever, the crypto market NEEDS our Duecoin project to give both investors and ICO creators a marketplace to transact.

In fact, this unmatched growth in recent months has proven to be a doubled edged sward. It is positive due to the value added to the crypto market which is increasing overall coin values. This in turn increases interest and demand from both new and old players in the market. The  growth rate, however, has not been sustainable as many/most exchanges have not been able to manage the sheer volume of new clients and transactions. This has resulted in untimely and erratic issues with both performance and customer service. Fortunately, the impact on DUEC has been positive. Our interest is growing by the hour and our development and exchange progress is moving full-steam ahead.

DUEC Exchange Listing

We have applied for listing of DUEC on four major exchanges and a few minor market places as well. We expect the listing to be live any day, however it does seem that due to some of the volume at these exchanges, they have imposed delays on their side. There has been a slowdown in new coin acceptance on a number of exchanges due to the masses of volume of trades and client’s exchanges are receiving. This has proven to be a very common reality these days, as you can imagine, so we will keep this progress at the forefront of our purpose until we are live on each respective exchange.

As soon as DUEC is listed on one or more of the exchanges we will announce it on our site and you will receive email notification. We are working real hard on our side to secure the final date, and have expanded our list of immediate exchanges we’re awaiting final confirmations from. Stay tuned!

DUEC Android Application

We are excited that the DUEC android app is in final testing and will be released very shortly. The DUEC app is going to simplify and stream line how our community uses DUEC. Your DUEC app will have full functionality from where you will be able to manage, send and receive DUEC on the go anywhere you have your phone connected.

DUEC API Released

DUEC API and supporting documentation is now available for download and use. For those wishing to make use of or needs API functionality please go to http://www.duecoin.io/api/ to see the API information.

For Duecoin network coin holders ONLY: Possible ICO for a new coin that you will be able to buy with your DUEC.

Our Core Project

Our backend interface is nearly ready to launch! So for all our holders, we can begin to provide opportunities for upcoming token sale’s and ICO that you will be able to purchase with their DUEC that they currently hold. Our aim was to launch the market place in 2018, but we may be ahead of schedule and as stated, so for Duecoin holders, it will likely prove to be many solid opportunities ahead if you choose to take advantage. Stay tuned for updates on this 🙂


We cannot thank you enough for your continued support and spreading the word about DUEC!


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