Thank you for your great feedback and votes on WHEN we take DUEC to the exchanges. Our team is currently reviewing the data and we will post a substantive update in the next few days. With each day that passes, we are moving in a very positive direction and we greatly look forward to making our dreams a reality both for us internally and for you, our valued supporters.


###### PAST POLLS #####

Should DUEC continue flash sales for initial distribution OR go to exchanges sooner?

We are asking our valued Duecoin supporters for their important feedback in regards to when DUEC should be taken to the exchanges. DUEC is a truly decentralized currency and we greatly value the feedback of our supporters.


  • Voting poll will run from November 5th thru November 15th
  • At end of day on November 15th, polls will be closed and the most popular choice will be the “winner”
  • Each person is only allowed to vote ONE time (we monitor this closely)
  • Fraudulent votes will not be counted